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Would It Be Possible to Move the 2018 Winter Olympics from PeyongChang?

(August 2017) In this two-minute story on NBC News I am asked by Joe Dana what challenges the IOC would face in moving the next Winter Olympic Games, 6 months from now if political tension in North Korea escalates. I point out that logistics, manpower and liabilities are three of the main factors that would make it almost impossible. CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW.

PyeongChang Interview with NBC









Were the RIO 2016 Olympic Summer Games a Success?

I think that they were… but how do you define success?  In this four-minute interview with Sarah Galashan on the CBC News Network we explore the factors that go into assessing the legacy of most recent Summer Games. At the end of the interview she asks me if I believe that all future Olympic Games should be held in the same city – NO.



In 2019 the IOC will decide what city will host the 2026 Olympic Winter Games. Yesterday, Calgary City Council approved a motion to commission a study to determine if the city would submit a bid. In this 4 minute interview we discuss the dynamics around a potential Calgary Bid, and the factors that will go into the decision to possibly bring the Winter Olympic Games back to Canada.



(September 2015) In this five minute CBC National News interview Dave explains how the citizens of Toronto should have decided if they wanted the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. The first inexpensive step in the bid process could have led to an open debate on the initiative and then a plebiscite.






Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games

(August 2015) In this two part seven-minute interview on the CBC National News, Ian Hanomansing and Dave discuss the IOC’s recent decision to award the 2022 Olympic Winter Games to Beijing. The first part of the interview looks at the limited field of candidate cities that bid, and the suitability of Beijing as a Host City. In the second part of the interview they explore the ramifications that a Beijing win might have on a potential Toronto bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.



2022 Olympic Winter Games IOC Bid Decision

(July 2015) In less than 12 hours the 86 voting members of the IOC meeting in Kuala Lumpur will decide where the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be staged. Dave was asked to comment in the attached article published in the International Business Times on the ramifications of a small field of only two cities bidding – Beijing and Almaty. Historically a small field of candidate cities is nothing new to the Olympic World.

Click here to read the article.





Will Toronto Bid for the 2024 Olympic Summer Games?

(July 2015) With the successful conclusion of the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto earlier this week, the sports marketing community in Canada is abuzz with rumors of a possible bid for the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. CBC National News asked Dave to comment on Toronto’s chances of landing the Olympic Games.




team104Vancouver International Marathon

(April 2015) Last year Dave was asked to sit on the Board of Directors of the Vancouver International Marathon. The annual event and the Marathon Weekend attract close to 15,000 running enthusiasts. In this ten minute interview with Team 1040 Sports Market Radio Host Tom Mayenknecht, Dave and the race’s Executive Director Charlene Krepiakevich discuss the growth of the event and the impact it has on the economy of Vancouver and the Vancouver city brand.

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Marketing the Superbowl in Canada

(January 2015) The Seattle Seahawks are Vancouver’s NFL team and that didn’t happen by accident. Strategies were set in motion by Sports Marketing Executives and the ‘Hawks become a loved brand and sports property that is embraced by the city. Watch the interview that Dave gives on the eve of Superbowl weekend.




cnbc-logo-300x224-2Only Two Cities to Bid for the 2022 Olympic Winter Games

(November 2014) Dave was  recently quoted in an article on CNBC on the bid to host the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. The field of candidate cities has been narrowed down to two. This article deals with the factors that will go into the IOC’s decision to choose between almighty Kazakastan and Beijing, China.
CNBC Article: Click HERE to read the interview



(November 2012)Dave Doroghy presented “The Sponsorship Sales Perspective” at the Winter Olympic Event Legacy Forum.

WinSport is creating one of the most unique winter sport environments in the world, where athletes of all levels and disciplines will have world class facilities and services to train and maintain an active lifestyle.



(March 2011) Radio interview with Dave on Vancouver’s number one radio station CKNW about the launch of his new book Confessions of an Olympic Torch Relay Shuttle Host.


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