Olympic and Pan American Games Sponsorship


Dave Doroghy believes that the Olympic Games are one of the greatest forces of good in the entire world.

Dave says two important factors will ensure the Olympic Movement’s future success more than anything else: Choosing great cities that are well prepared to host the Games and continuing to raise the bar on domestic Olympic sponsorship revenues. He is proud of his track record in both of these areas.

To that end, Dave has worked on two back-to-back consecutive winning Winter and Summer Olympic Games Bids — a unique distinction. His work heading up the Sponsorship Sales Department at VANOC for five years resulted in world record-breaking sponsorship revenues.

After the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games concluded, Dave Doroghy was recruited as a consultant and sponsorship revenue generator for the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games where he laid the foundation for their sponsorship sales program. Dave assisted that Organizing Committee in acquiring their first few major sponsors and breaking the record again for sponsorship revenue generated .

The Pan Am Games, which fall under the Olympic charter, are the world’s third-largest multi-sport event after the Summer Olympics and the Asian Games. Some 6,000 athletes from 42 countries in the Americas competed in 36 different sports in Toronto, including all the Olympic sports. VIVA PAN AM!

As his assignment with the Pan American Games wraps ups, Dave is closely following the race to host the 2024 Olympic Winter Games.

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The world’s third largest sporting event just wrapped up this summer in Toronto. Records were set in many areas including sponsorship revenues.

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